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Virtual Reality Discussion by Oct.25th


Here's my panorama of the Community Room in my apartment...hope I did this correctly!

Apparently it didn't like my link last time...


Here is my QuickTime movie...


Nice job, you overachiever! You are a chip off the ol' block (technologically speaking) - like it or not! =)

Positive Impacts:

1.Technology allows you to Interact and receive feedback from others online to help the learning process.
2.Technology can place you in a virtual reality world that allows you to explore different places. It gives you the sense of being there.
3. Technology provides no limitations on space and offers open conversation between many individuals.

Negative impacts:

1. Not everyone may be willing to put themselves in an online environment.
2. The interactions online may not be as beneficial to some, as compared to a face to face experience.
3. Creating virtual reality worlds to interact in may take time and time restraints may keep teachers from participating in online environments with students.

Solution to Problems:

1. Maybe administrators can allow for such virtual reality learning to occur if more time is allotted to teachers for it. Or perhaps after school programs can be developed.
2. Creating a cozy and comfortable online environment for students to participate in can make it fun and interesting to learn.

Future teaching with panorama and QTVR:

I think using these programs in teaching can be very beneficial. Technology is a huge part of the world now and using programs like these can only help. Creating virtual reality programs that help interaction and provide real visual pictures i think really helps students learn. The 2nd life program is really cool and allows people to interact and do whatever they want in the world. It's very creative and allows for some fun at the same time as learning.

Here's my pano. I actually took the pictures on a hiking trip I took with my husband and some friends last year. That's them in the upper left corner of the pano! Beautiful mountains... I highly recommend a visit if you've never been there! =)

Here's my QTVR of the area outside of my office building at Gustavus. Come for a real visit someday! I'll give you a tour... =)

Sorry, I forget that this forum format makes a link of your name from the URL in your personal information. Here's the link to my QTVR.

Jiyoon, I think I have put the panorama movie on the UMD server. I don't know how to find out the URL (or does it have one?)