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Teaching Ideas & Activities

Post new ideas and activities for Community Engaged Parent Education here


I am doing baby classes. I am looking for ideas to bring in cepe and a baby curriculum . Any ideas?

Neat visual for community: I came across a science experiment that provides a nice visual on showing how one small change creates larger change. You need a small clear pan or bowl, milk, food coloring and dish soap. Pour the milk in the pan (I use a 9x9 glass baking pan). Randomly drop a food coloring around (works well with 3-4 different colors) - this can represent people in society. To show what happens when someone takes initiative and starts an action (whether limiting television in their home or removing video games from youth centers, etc)place one drop of soap on a drop of food coloring. Watch the changes take place. A nice visual for introducing community engaged parenting.

Onomastics and Anthroponomastics research can be included in a curriculum. Expecially for courses that deal with genealogy and/or sociology related studies.

Hi Baby Names researcher. What do you mean by "Onomastics and anthroponomastics research" ?
I am interested in knowing more.

Thanks Sally for the idea. It is a very creative way of communication.

Hey Baby Names Researcher. I too would like to know a bit more about
Onomastics and anthroponomastics research. I that a way for finding the best
baby names? I had a child recently and simply used websites to find names, the
most useful one for me was Muslim Baby