December 12, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - Expectations.

It seems like a very long time ago that I read CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, in actuality it been at least 20 years and maybe 25. I only read CS Lewis’ works once (unlike Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings which I have read at least a dozen times in that span.)

My Friend Jim has hypothesized that if you read Tolkien’s work first than Lewis’ work will seem like second fiddle and vice versa. I have yet to disappoint him; since I break that mold as I had read Lewis’ work years before Tolkien’s and my sister had to convince me to read Tolkien which made me a “the Geek? that I am today.

Being at least two decades since I have read the novel I don’t remember the details of the story too well. Funny thing is I probably could tell you the outline of every other Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel I have every written. I don’t plan on re-reading the novel until after I see the movie.

The trailers for Narnia look incredible, but after Episode One I don’t put much stock in trailers any more.

Unlike some other movies based on novels lately the director, Andrew Adamson, had to add details rather than cut them out. I wonder if this is a good or bad thing.

Usually I avoid the user comments and reviews of movies before I see the movie (if I plan on seeing the movie in the open weekend) but not this case, I have seen that 99% of the reviewers like the movie and that scares me. Reviewers usually hate the movies I like.

Posted by jjohnson at December 12, 2005 7:35 PM