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Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout: W139 Regis Art Center - 612.625.9532


Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm
Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm

+Equipment can be reserved online or at the checkout counter.

Checkout Policy
+User may book a piece of equipment up to 48 hours per week.
+Reservations can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
+Sunday is not counted as part of a user's checkout time.
+Users can schedule up to 5 reservations per day and a maximum of 5 acive reservations in the schedule at one time.
+Users must pick up their equipment within 1 hour of their reservation time or their reservation will be cancelled.
+Users are limited to 1 camera per checkout.

User Responsibility
+Users are financially responsible for equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged, while checked out in their name.  Replacement or repair cost may be placed on the user's student account.
+Users are responsible for returning their equipment at their scheduled return time.

Overdue Equipment Policy
+Users who are habitually late returning equipment or return equipment more than 24 hours late may be banned from using equipment checkout.


This is where I'll keep an ongoing list of links to web resources for art and new media.  Keep in mind, the best way to experience art is in person -- I encourage you to visit local galleries, performances, and museums often.  The MIA is free, the Walker is free on Thursdays, and most galleries are free during open hours.

LOCAL GALLERIES - by no means a complete list!

Ubu Web - (library of media art and art history info)
Rhizome - (new media blog)
Visual Complexity - (computer graphics and statistics wizardry)

The Center for Land Use Interpretation - (art/science hybrid devoted to investigating landscape issues)
Museum of Jurassic Technology - (fascinating faux museum / art project in LA)
Terreform - (futuristic speculative architecture firm)

Slideshow from 9/16 - Collage/Assemblage/New Landscapes

If you're interested in doing further research, here's a list of work we looked at in class
in order of appearance:

Eadweard Muybridge
Pablo Picasso
Hanna Hoch
Raoul Hausmann
Man Ray
Russian Constructivist Prints [artist unknown]
Guy Debord and the Situationist International
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Barbara Kruger
Martha Rosler
Ellen Gallagher
Christian Marclay
Henry Gunderson
Eric Yahnker
Julie Mehretu
Joseph Smolinski
Vaughn Bell
Nina Katchadourian
Anthony Goicolea
Billboard Liberation Front
Jenny Holzer
Paper Rad

Photoshop Shortcuts

Here's a document of keyboard shortcuts for photoshop.  
And a few essential tips.

Assignment #1: Expanded Landscape - Instructions

Focus on one specific aspect of your experience that can be described as a landscape.
This is an opportunity to interpret the word "landscape" broadly and metaphorically if you wish.  You may choose to literally investigate the landscape of your neighborhood, or you might consider historical landscapes, ideological landscapes, etc.  Use multiple layers in Photoshop to create an image or series of images that represents your personal vision of this landscape, the way that you navigate it, or the way you might dream of transforming it.

Please prepare your assignment in the following way:
1. Save a full sized PSD format version of your image.

2. If your file is larger than 1200 pixels per side, save a second version that is no more than 1200 pixels per side.  
Resize it by going to IMAGE > Image Size.  
Make sure that the measurement unit is pixels and that "Constrain Proportions" is checked. Change the larger value to 1200.
Save As... [yourfirstandlastname.psd]

3. Make this smaller into a jpeg:  
Go to FILE > Save for Web and Devices...
Make sure it says JPEG and HIGH to the upper right of the image preview.
Click Save
Name your file [yourfirstandlastname.jpg]

Put both of these files in the folder ASSIGNMENT-1 on the art server.
(Log in by following the instructions on the blog entry "Using Artserve")

Slideshow from 9/9 - Introduction to Media and Social Practice

Some links to Artists I showed in class -- I encourage you to explore further on your own.

Some predecessors and early practitioners of media art who were touched on:
Max Ernst
Andy Warhol
Robert Rauschenberg
Yoko Ono

How to Upload to MediaMill

Handy instructions are on this file:

Uploading your QuickTime to Media Mill.pdf

Using Artserve

Use the Server to back up your work whenever you are in W248.

1.  on a mac, in the Finder, press Apple-K, and put in the address

2.  enter the username and password from the Access section of your syllabus (the same ones you use to log on to the classroom computers.)

3.  the first time you log on, make a new folder for your work, titled with your first and last names (i.e. JonathanKaiser)

Class Schedule

Course Syllabus

ART 1601: Introduction to Time and Interactivity

Time: Wednesday,  6:00pm - 10:00pm

Place: Regis W248  

Instructor: Jonathan Kaiser


Course Description

This section of 1601 is an introduction to time-based, event-based, and media-oriented creative practices.  We will learn basic techniques for video, sound, and digital image production, while thinking critically about the contemporary social and aesthetic issues that inform our own work and the work of other artists.  Although digital media tools are central to our work, we will discuss ways of integrating elements ranging from pencil drawing to performance.  Experimentation is encouraged!  Emphasis is on developing strong ideas and translating them into engaging finished work, so developing a vocabulary for talking and writing about what we do is just as important as developing a proficiency with our production tools.  Classroom time will include workshops and tutorials, viewings and presentations, discussions, studio work time, and student project critiques.


Course Objectives

To develop a personal relationship to digital media and contemporary art by:

1.  Experiencing, discussing, and critically writing about work and its historical and cultural context.

2.  Cultivating a vision and artistic practice that reflects personal interests and talents, as well as an awareness of global conversations and social issues.

3.  Learning the technical skills to make intentional and well-crafted work with basic digital media production tools.

4.  Making finished art and sharing it with others.



1.     In class verbal participation is important and together with attendance comprises 25% of the final course grade!  Everyone is expected to actively participate in discussions.

2.     Assignments are due at the beginning of class on due date; late assignments will not be accepted under any conditions. Students are expected to practice responsible data management and backup (no "the computer ate my homework" excuses will be accepted.)

3.     The intention of this course is to produce art and to foster open conversations about art and ideas! There are no "DUMB" comments or questions. It is crucial to the intellectual and artistic atmosphere of the class that each student should participate vocally and add to the knowledge pool of the class. Please feel free to engage more reserved classmates in discussions and to give others a chance to talk!

4.    NO surfing the internet or email during class, NO cell phone use in class, NO headphones unless you are using them for a project during designated studio time.  Violating these rules will be treated as an absence from the day's class.



Punctual attendance is critical.  After missing two classes, your grade will be dropped a full letter grade and each subsequent day missed is another full letter grade drop.  Three tardies (more than 10 minutes late) will equal one absence and leaving early will count as tardy.


The studio and the building are open during normal building hours (7am - 11pm M-F, 9am - 6pm Sat, closed Sundays and holidays.)  Equipment Checkout hours are as posted on the Checkout Room door.  Do not ask for access unless the room is open and attended.  You must present your student I.D. card in order to check out any equipment.  Please help conserve energy by turning off lights and computers if you are the last one to leave the studio... your cooperation will be much appreciated.


Departmental policy requires that you must have permission to be in the studio after 11pm and that two persons must be in the studio together after hours.  A security monitor is in the building from 11pm - 3am.  See the instructors for an after-hours permission slip.  The security monitor has been instructed to eject anyone without a permission slip or working alone after 11pm.  You cannot work in Regis Art Center after 3am.



Recommended Supplies:

+ removable storage device for data backup (such as USB flash drive)

+ camera or camera phone



40%            Projects 1-4

25%            Final Project

All Projects must be completed by the beginning of class on the due-date.  The project will be graded on the strength of its concept and the quality of its execution.  Demonstration of sincere effort and personal growth will be taken into account.  

10%            Response writings

There will be 2 required blog posts responding to an artwork of your choice from our class discussions.  Write a three paragraph review discussing the content of the piece and your personal reaction to it.  What was the piece about?  What techniques did the artist use to address the subject matter?  Was the piece effective? Why or why not?

25%            Class participation

Get involved in class! Ask questions and participate in discussions.  Share your interests and your discoveries.  We'll all learn more, and you'll get a better grade too.

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