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Writing Response #2 - Tyler Patterson


Artist: David Mach
Piece: Laid Back
Media: Coat Hangers

I did not find anything about the piece itself and what it is about, but I did find it very interesting as to how it was made and how it is portrayed. My interpretation of the piece was that it shows a very provocative woman in a very sexual pose on a couch.

The artist used coat hangers to produce the piece and I thought that it was a great use of them. What better way to use extra coat hangers than to make it into a very well made piece of art. The position in which the artist put the subject was very important as well. he had another Coat Hanger piece called "Hooker" with a sculpture of a naked woman standing. I think this piece captured that meaning than the other one did because of the way the woman is laying.

I found the piece to be very effective in the ways that I interpreted it because the use of coat hangers surprised me and the way the coat hangers looked (the texture of the access hangers) made it work for me. I liked the use of coat hangers and the couch. It took a very surreal sculpture and put it into a more realist setting.

Equipment Checkout from CLA

In addition to the video equipment available from the Art Dept, there are cameras and other equipment available from the College of Liberal Arts.  The gear is located in CLA TV studios on the 5th floor of Rarig Center.  Browse the available equipment and make reservations at https://claoit.umn.edu/checkout/studios/index.php

As a reminder, the Art Dept's equipment checkout website is https://claoit.umn.edu/checkout/art/index.php

Banksy Art

A cool collection of some of Banksy's best work, indoors and out. 
Have to copy and paste...wouldn't make a link

Project #4 - Macro/Micro History Video

Due November 11:

Make a video that explores an event in history on both a macro and micro scale.  Consider issues of scale as they relate to your visual/audio treatment and/or the types of information you include.  The historical event(s) can be real or invented, personal or public, or all of these.

Experimental Sound -- Gallery

Expanded Landscape Project -- Gallery

Here's the work from our first assignment -- I challenged you all to think about representing your physical or ontological landscape in a fresh way, using photoshop as a collage tool.  I was impressed with the variety of interpretations and visual approaches --
Great job, everyone!

Assignment Description


Adam Reichow

arabic book 1.jpg

Zeeshan Dawood


Barrett Srstka


Bradley Wright


Bryan Strickland


Casey Cayko


Deborah Van Eendenburg

Ethan Weber


Han Bui

Jeff Gettler.jpg

Jeff Gettler


Jeff Mondloch


Joe Jena


Mitch Mastey


Paul Hilsen

(T-Shirt design by Tim Zhu - front)
(T-Shirt design by Tim Zhu - back)


Tyler Patterson

Audio Resources

Some free software for generating and altering sounds.  

This site has many windows applications, some of them are a bit technical and require some tinkering around to figure out.  "SayIt" was the application I used to create the samples for my piece.  Vocoder is also fun, but is difficult to get usable results.

This is a free drum machine software that has versions for Mac, Windows, Linux.  It's not fancy, but it is very flexible.

This site has a ridiculous amount of tools on it.  You'll have to read more into each.

A google search will, as usual, provide you with more than you'd ever ask for.  Hope these help.


Response Writing #1

Due October 7th:
Please post this writing to the blog or email it to me.

Respond to a piece of art we discused in class, or one that you've experienced on your own.  Write a three paragraph review discussing the content of the piece and your personal reaction to it.  What was the piece about?  What techniques did the artist use to address the subject matter?  Was the piece effective? Why or why not?

Assignment #3: Sound Art

Assignment #3 - Sound Art

Due at the beginning of class on October 14th

Finished assignment should be exported as a stereo .wav or .aif file (unless monophonic sound or mp3 compression are somehow important to your concept)

Choose one of the following ideas:

1) Make a fictional radio broadcast of 2-3 minutes.  You must use some sounds that you record yourself - you may also appropriate sounds from internet, CDs, etc.  However, do not use music unless it is music you make.  This can take the form of a realistic radio show, or it can be more unusual - something that traditionally wouldn't be broadcast.

2) Make a 2-3 minute music piece using household objects as your instruments. 

3) Experiment with using recording or editing equipment in a "wrong" way until you find sounds that interest you.  Make a 2-3 minute piece by editing the resulting noises or "performing" them.

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