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EthanWeber "The cycle of a T-Shirt"

Games as art as games

"Problem Sleuth" @ MSPA

This is a "webcomic" I've been enjoying for some time now, and I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

The design for the "comic" is based on old text adventure games.  The "prompts" are taken from the viewers of the site.  For more information on his method and his other work, check out the rest of the site, in particular the FAQ.
When approached in the right way, do you see text adventure games as a form of interactive art?  For me it is hard to think of them otherwise.

For a good introduction to the genre, you can find ZORK, a very good example, here.

Story of Seed

Block - Jeff Gettler

Ethan Weber "the cycle of a T-Shirt"

Jeff Mondloch - Life


Blink-Casey Cayko


Choose your own assignment.  You may collaborate with like-minded classmates on any of these projects, in which case you will be evaluated as a group.

1. Organize and host an activity for a group of at least 4 people (friends, classmates, and/or strangers) where you work on building a fort, treehouse, or shelter together.  What will your structure be used for?  Invent a real or imagined use for it.  Document your work through video or photographs.  Present your documentation as an edited video piece, a blog/website with text and photos, or both.

2. Expand on or revise the ideas that informed your video project.  Make an entirely new video that sets out to do the same thing more effectively.  You may NOT use any of the same footage or audio material as your first video.

3. Start a band where every member wears a costume.  (It could be just you.)  Write at least two songs that relate to your costumed persona(s).  Document your project in one of the following ways:
A) Perform your songs live for the class.
B) Organize an off-campus performance and videotape it.
C) Make a complete MySpace site with photos and mp3's.

4. Dream assignment: You can do whatever you want.  However, your proposal must be approved by me.  Bring a 250-400 word proposal explaining the concept of your piece, how you plan to realize it, and what form you'd like to present it in.

Mitch Mastey Writing Response #2

   As I was searching for an interesting piece of art to write my response on, a came across a photo that necessarily isn't art, but I found to be hilarious. In the photo, there are three guys standing next to a painting of Jesus Christ, who has his arms spread out to the sides. The three guys, standing to the right of the painting, have their arms set in place to represent a different letter. One has the shape of "M", one with the shape of "C", and the other with "A". With the painting included, it spells out, "YMCA", mocking the painting of Jesus. Underneath the photo itself it reads, "Blasphemy. A ticket to hell has never been funnier." The use of the word, "funnier" just makes it all the more enjoyable.    Ignoring the religious values that I have been brought up on, the picture is striking at first, but brings out a comical side to it all. I immediate found the picture funny and these guys demoralize themselves by posing in such a way. I can't imagine that there was much thought in the artistic value of the picture in regards to technique or anything. The sole purpose of the picture is only to entertain and get a few laughs at the guys in the picture, and it does that perfectly, making it an effective picture. The added text to the bottom of the photo pulls it all together by calling out the stupidity of the guys in the photo and I feel was necessary to the picture itself.    I have always enjoyed photos such as this one, and believe that it is photos like this that do provide a comical side to art. There is a whole series of "demotivational" pictures that pursue this idea and I would advise anyone to look at a handful of them Here is a link to the photo -

Han Bui

Mitch Mastey "The Fight"

Barrett Srstka- The Birth of Muddy


VanEendenburg4- Any Day

"Paul Hilsen" "A Day to be a Duck"

Bradley Wright - Video Project 1

Here is the video I made.

Tyler Patterson Video Project

Final Cut Pro Instructional Handout

Here are is a digital copy of the Final Cut Pro handout I gave you in class.  
I've updated the MediaMill section to be even more clear and complete.


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