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Dinner With A Friend_By Bryan Strickland

Jeff Mondloch - Know A Stranger

My project is a blog, and it is all explained there.

Paul Hilsen & Adam Reichow's House of Mats

Generally speaking, building a fort is something we have done as kids. This video is meant to show what would happen if building forts were common for young adults. Would we still play house in it? How would our exposure to pop culture shape this experience? 

The fort was made in Cooke Hall on the University of Minnesota-TC campus inside the gymnasium for the men's gymnastics team. The materials used were all gymnastics mats and other equipment generally found within a gymnastics facility. 

We decided to use this space of athletics because all members of the group participate in athletics and who doesn't love flipping around in foam pits.

oven in my dreams, Zeeshan Dawood

"Oven in my Dreams" by Zeeshan Dawood

"Oven in my Dreams" is my second attempt at making a stop motion film. The main ideas behind this short film are to play on the ideas of reality/dreams. This was inspired by the ability to create "light graffiti" and the idea of inanimate objects having something that makes them alive, whether we think its real, unreal, or a dream.

Joe Jena's Final Project


Blink:MPLS/ST.PAUL is a video piece exploring the Twin Cities in an attempt to see them in a new way. Using 3 second video clips and a five frame break between each one, we see bits and pieces of the cities. Some images may be familiar and some may be new, but the point is that all of them are parts that make up the area. From mansions to factories the cities carry very diverse imagery and this video aims to explore it and take notice of our surroundings. The video aims to bring viewers in with its rhythmic pacing and repetitive sound so the viewer is somewhat entranced by the images. Filmed over a single day driving around Minneapolis and St. Paul, the video attempts to shed new light on a city familiar to many. Made by Casey Cayko.

Exquisite Corpse by Mitch Mastey and Ethan Weber

We de-constructed the stylistic drawing of an exquisite corpse in this short video. An Exquisite Corpse drawing is a collection of drawings made from multiple people on the same piece of paper.  Each person does not know what the others have drawn, so in the end when the paper is unfolded, the individual drawings unite to form one complete body.  The final product stems from the idea of having separate minds, unknowingly work together to create an otherwise, unimagined piece of art.


PSA - A Keystroke Conglomerate Production

Prepare to experience the intergalactic ear snacks of the hottest new group to come out of the Milky Way, PSA. Comprised with mastermind DJ CNTL+ALT+DEL and lyrical genious of MC Masterboard, PSA is a match made in cosmos. With their electronic melodies sweeping across the universe PSA has decided to play a few shows back near thier home planet, which is playing out to be one of the most anticipated returns since Haley's Comet. Serving up lessons to cellestial beings since Sputnik, PSA's new singles are a must hear.

Han Bui's FP: Tainted Little Red



Aspiring artist, Tainted Little Red, compromised the style of the original little red riding hood to unveil rocking new beats of the electric piano.  She has been involved with music for as far back she can remember, starting with classical piano as a child. Electronic music has always been a huge influence on her music taste.  Early February of 2008, she decided to create her own songs and share it to the public. Ever since then, she can't stop spitting out new pieces full of energy and room for the imagination.  The alluring rhythms should get you moving to the beats.

Running Away.mp3

Someone New.mp3

(Special thanks to Max M. for helping me with organizing and cleaning the music up!  Also for loaning his equipments!)



Deborah Van Eendenburg- Bringing It To The Block

This is a video made to document my friends and I building a fort/shelter on a corner near my house where there is a bus stop. Since it's winter now and there is only a bench, no shelter from the elements (and the said bus can be very inconsistent with its pickup times) I decided that it would be the perfect stop to have a bus shelter.

Building started inside because we wanted to stay warm for as long as possible. Once we built the fort inside, we took it down and took everything to the bus stop.
The fort is made of recycled cardboard, old closet doors, duct tape, cinder blocks, and other odds and ends found in the basement and garage.
It was built and filmed at night because of scheduling issues but this didn't prove to be as big of a problem as I had originally thought because the workers at Joe's Market let us use some outlets to light up the scene. In addition to the bench that the fort is designed around, there are blankets to keep the waiting riders warm, and festive holiday lights!

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Bradley Wright - Thinking About My Life

This is an animation I created using Flash.
This was my first attempt to make a real project using Flash, and really my first major animation project.  
The voiceover and music is made by me as well.
The video background is a result of lack of resources.  I planned on shooting separate footage specifically for the background to lay behind the animated and drawn elements, but I lost my camera last week and ended up using old footage that is totally unrelated. Regardless, I like the mood it creates in the piece and I know know if I would have gotten anything better had I shot specifically for it.  

Flash version can be found here.
The audio may not sync up correctly with the animation, unfortunately, due to the limitations of Flash, the limitations of whatever computer you are viewing it with, and most likely my inexperience optimizing Flash files.

Tyler Patterson - Eyes of the Beholder.

What I want the viewer to see and experience by looking at my piece is that they think about what they truly see in something and how this affects their life.
The materials I used in making this piece includes: Graphite Pencil, Permanent Marker, Poster-board, and cardboard.
The reason I chose these materials ties into the thoughts I had coming into this project. With a pencil a person can create such detail that it looks real. By using a pencil I could get the most tiniest details of an eye and possibly show details that a person would normally not see with this blown up version of the eye. With the marker I was able to get the point across of bluntness and boldness. The eye can also see something so straight to the point and with little detail.

Ever since we were born we began to develop our eyesight, some people better than others. We use our eyes to see far and near and for things big and small. But when do people really think about what they see? How many people stop to look at something and study its detail? I have always been a person to notice the most extreme details of things. I am also a person that reads everything that I walk by. I have done these things ever since I can remember. Using the eyes is something most everybody does, we use eyesight to survive.
So what I am trying to say is that I believe most people do not use their eyes to their full potential. I believe that people should pay more attention to their surroundings and give those little things a chance to be stared at.
Dakota Slim and Mordok the Lesser met one snowy evening at the Goblin's Head.  Over pints of Goblin's Mead, their stories unfurled.  Dakota Slim was a hard luck country musician, talented and cursed.  He was in a rage that night, for his producer had refused to record a drinking album for Slim, for whom drinking was a lifelong passion.  Mordok the Lesser was a fugitive from the caves of Goblin Town, well versed in black magic and war, and was willing to kill for very reasonable prices.  A diabolical plan was hatched - Mordok would go, that very night, to the home of Slim's producer, and with his accomplice Gorg the Idiot, would murder the man in cold blood.  And so it was - the producer, who was known for recording the smash hit, "The Monster Mash" - would know the face of the two goblins' war clubs very well that night.  He did not die, however, but would be in a coma for the next six years.  Being a Christian man, upon recovery he would visit Slim, Mordok, and Gorg at the Hennepin County Penitentiary and forgive them.  When the three were released from jail, they would record two songs together, which remains to this day the only record we have of their creative output, for after these songs they would embark on a wild church burning spree, and are on the lam to this day.

Analysis of the two songs handed down to us by ethnomusicologists reveal the marriage of human folk and goblin folk traditions, fused together by a shared love of drink and the darker things in life.  Some scholars have posed the question, "why Minneapolis?"  Their ensuing research comes to the conclusion that perhaps there exists two Minneapolis(s), coexisting like a palimpsest.  One is what we perceive as the normal, modern world, while the other is a more timeless, ancient dimension, where monsters and demons are kings and the power of magic is feared.  In this realm, goblins laugh at the curse of life and death.

An anonymous fan has created a myspace page for the group, now known as the Straight Shooters for their no bullshit style:

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