Deborah Van Eendenburg- Bringing It To The Block

This is a video made to document my friends and I building a fort/shelter on a corner near my house where there is a bus stop. Since it's winter now and there is only a bench, no shelter from the elements (and the said bus can be very inconsistent with its pickup times) I decided that it would be the perfect stop to have a bus shelter.

Building started inside because we wanted to stay warm for as long as possible. Once we built the fort inside, we took it down and took everything to the bus stop.
The fort is made of recycled cardboard, old closet doors, duct tape, cinder blocks, and other odds and ends found in the basement and garage.
It was built and filmed at night because of scheduling issues but this didn't prove to be as big of a problem as I had originally thought because the workers at Joe's Market let us use some outlets to light up the scene. In addition to the bench that the fort is designed around, there are blankets to keep the waiting riders warm, and festive holiday lights!

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