Tyler Patterson - Eyes of the Beholder.

What I want the viewer to see and experience by looking at my piece is that they think about what they truly see in something and how this affects their life.
The materials I used in making this piece includes: Graphite Pencil, Permanent Marker, Poster-board, and cardboard.
The reason I chose these materials ties into the thoughts I had coming into this project. With a pencil a person can create such detail that it looks real. By using a pencil I could get the most tiniest details of an eye and possibly show details that a person would normally not see with this blown up version of the eye. With the marker I was able to get the point across of bluntness and boldness. The eye can also see something so straight to the point and with little detail.

Ever since we were born we began to develop our eyesight, some people better than others. We use our eyes to see far and near and for things big and small. But when do people really think about what they see? How many people stop to look at something and study its detail? I have always been a person to notice the most extreme details of things. I am also a person that reads everything that I walk by. I have done these things ever since I can remember. Using the eyes is something most everybody does, we use eyesight to survive.
So what I am trying to say is that I believe most people do not use their eyes to their full potential. I believe that people should pay more attention to their surroundings and give those little things a chance to be stared at.

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