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Banksy Art

A cool collection of some of Banksy's best work, indoors and out. 
Have to copy and paste...wouldn't make a link

Slideshow from 9/16 - Collage/Assemblage/New Landscapes

If you're interested in doing further research, here's a list of work we looked at in class
in order of appearance:

Eadweard Muybridge
Pablo Picasso
Hanna Hoch
Raoul Hausmann
Man Ray
Russian Constructivist Prints [artist unknown]
Guy Debord and the Situationist International
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Barbara Kruger
Martha Rosler
Ellen Gallagher
Christian Marclay
Henry Gunderson
Eric Yahnker
Julie Mehretu
Joseph Smolinski
Vaughn Bell
Nina Katchadourian
Anthony Goicolea
Billboard Liberation Front
Jenny Holzer
Paper Rad

Slideshow from 9/9 - Introduction to Media and Social Practice

Some links to Artists I showed in class -- I encourage you to explore further on your own.

Some predecessors and early practitioners of media art who were touched on:
Max Ernst
Andy Warhol
Robert Rauschenberg
Yoko Ono

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