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Equipment Checkout from CLA

In addition to the video equipment available from the Art Dept, there are cameras and other equipment available from the College of Liberal Arts.  The gear is located in CLA TV studios on the 5th floor of Rarig Center.  Browse the available equipment and make reservations at

As a reminder, the Art Dept's equipment checkout website is

Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout: W139 Regis Art Center - 612.625.9532


Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm
Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm

+Equipment can be reserved online or at the checkout counter.

Checkout Policy
+User may book a piece of equipment up to 48 hours per week.
+Reservations can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
+Sunday is not counted as part of a user's checkout time.
+Users can schedule up to 5 reservations per day and a maximum of 5 acive reservations in the schedule at one time.
+Users must pick up their equipment within 1 hour of their reservation time or their reservation will be cancelled.
+Users are limited to 1 camera per checkout.

User Responsibility
+Users are financially responsible for equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged, while checked out in their name.  Replacement or repair cost may be placed on the user's student account.
+Users are responsible for returning their equipment at their scheduled return time.

Overdue Equipment Policy
+Users who are habitually late returning equipment or return equipment more than 24 hours late may be banned from using equipment checkout.

Photoshop Shortcuts

Here's a document of keyboard shortcuts for photoshop.  
And a few essential tips.

Assignment #1: Expanded Landscape - Instructions

Focus on one specific aspect of your experience that can be described as a landscape.
This is an opportunity to interpret the word "landscape" broadly and metaphorically if you wish.  You may choose to literally investigate the landscape of your neighborhood, or you might consider historical landscapes, ideological landscapes, etc.  Use multiple layers in Photoshop to create an image or series of images that represents your personal vision of this landscape, the way that you navigate it, or the way you might dream of transforming it.

Please prepare your assignment in the following way:
1. Save a full sized PSD format version of your image.

2. If your file is larger than 1200 pixels per side, save a second version that is no more than 1200 pixels per side.  
Resize it by going to IMAGE > Image Size.  
Make sure that the measurement unit is pixels and that "Constrain Proportions" is checked. Change the larger value to 1200.
Save As... [yourfirstandlastname.psd]

3. Make this smaller into a jpeg:  
Go to FILE > Save for Web and Devices...
Make sure it says JPEG and HIGH to the upper right of the image preview.
Click Save
Name your file [yourfirstandlastname.jpg]

Put both of these files in the folder ASSIGNMENT-1 on the art server.
(Log in by following the instructions on the blog entry "Using Artserve")

How to Upload to MediaMill

Handy instructions are on this file:

Uploading your QuickTime to Media Mill.pdf

Using Artserve

Use the Server to back up your work whenever you are in W248.

1.  on a mac, in the Finder, press Apple-K, and put in the address

2.  enter the username and password from the Access section of your syllabus (the same ones you use to log on to the classroom computers.)

3.  the first time you log on, make a new folder for your work, titled with your first and last names (i.e. JonathanKaiser)

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