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Final Cut Pro Instructional Handout

Here are is a digital copy of the Final Cut Pro handout I gave you in class.  
I've updated the MediaMill section to be even more clear and complete.


Equipment Checkout from CLA

In addition to the video equipment available from the Art Dept, there are cameras and other equipment available from the College of Liberal Arts.  The gear is located in CLA TV studios on the 5th floor of Rarig Center.  Browse the available equipment and make reservations at

As a reminder, the Art Dept's equipment checkout website is

Audio Resources

Some free software for generating and altering sounds. 
This site has many windows applications, some of them are a bit technical and require some tinkering around to figure out.  "SayIt" was the application I used to create the samples for my piece.  Vocoder is also fun, but is difficult to get usable results.

This is a free drum machine software that has versions for Mac, Windows, Linux.  It's not fancy, but it is very flexible.

This site has a ridiculous amount of tools on it.  You'll have to read more into each.

A google search will, as usual, provide you with more than you'd ever ask for.  Hope these help.


Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout: W139 Regis Art Center - 612.625.9532


Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm
Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm

+Equipment can be reserved online or at the checkout counter.

Checkout Policy
+User may book a piece of equipment up to 48 hours per week.
+Reservations can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
+Sunday is not counted as part of a user's checkout time.
+Users can schedule up to 5 reservations per day and a maximum of 5 acive reservations in the schedule at one time.
+Users must pick up their equipment within 1 hour of their reservation time or their reservation will be cancelled.
+Users are limited to 1 camera per checkout.

User Responsibility
+Users are financially responsible for equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged, while checked out in their name.  Replacement or repair cost may be placed on the user's student account.
+Users are responsible for returning their equipment at their scheduled return time.

Overdue Equipment Policy
+Users who are habitually late returning equipment or return equipment more than 24 hours late may be banned from using equipment checkout.


This is where I'll keep an ongoing list of links to web resources for art and new media.  Keep in mind, the best way to experience art is in person -- I encourage you to visit local galleries, performances, and museums often.  The MIA is free, the Walker is free on Thursdays, and most galleries are free during open hours.

LOCAL GALLERIES - by no means a complete list!

Ubu Web - (library of media art and art history info)
Rhizome - (new media blog)
Visual Complexity - (computer graphics and statistics wizardry)

The Center for Land Use Interpretation - (art/science hybrid devoted to investigating landscape issues)
Museum of Jurassic Technology - (fascinating faux museum / art project in LA)
Terreform - (futuristic speculative architecture firm)

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