EmDunker - Exchange - Finally...

Mark Farrell ---- Final


hahhahahahah ohohohohoho Santa say hohoho

Williamson - final

Addisalem Tesfaye- final

Em Dunker - Insomnia

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No Direction K McKee

I decided to make a short about bad, out of context conversations from stupid TV shows. I also told the talent to interpret the material however they wanted to. 

Final Project

Ben Ellenbecker - Final Project


Final Project : Mark Vancleave

The last of it...

final video project. My friend's and I gather for some socializing...recorded. Playing with movement and sound. Thanks.

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Running Water


Katrina Becker's Autobiography

Addisalem Tesfaye

Untitled Video Project - Katrina McKee

autobiography tony truong


Kelli Peterson - Family

Kate's flights of progress movie

Emoments by topher

Ben Ellenbecker - Sketch 4/5

Zach Kremer - Sketch 6

(Sort of) Auto-Biographical Sketch


Eamonn's Compressed memories of home

Recording each morning when I wake up and each night as I go to bed from my favorite spot in my new house. I don't get to spend much time here so I made an effort to record a whole memory card each night and each morning

Em Dunker - Exchange

Ben Ellenbecker - Autobiographical Video Project

Ben Ellenbecker - Autobiographical Video Project

Some clips and pictures from bits and pieces of my life.

Independent Project -- Assignment Description

Proposal due: November 24th

Project due for small group feedback: December 8th

Project screenings and presentations: December 15th

No matter which assignment you choose, I need an email from each one of you by November 24th, telling me which assignment you want to do.  I want one or two complete paragraphs describing 1. What do you want to make -- what will the end result look like? 2. Your process -- how are you going to make it happen? 3. Why are you interested in subject or way of working? You may work in a collaborative group with other classmates on any of these projects.  If you are working in a group, tell me who you are working with.

Choose your own adventure:

1.     Appropriated Animation: Make printouts of at least 30 images that you find on the internet.  You can edit them with Photoshop however you see fit or leave them as you found them.  Use the paper printouts as your primary materials to make a stop-motion animation of 2-3 minutes in length.  Your approach to this could be narrative or experimental - you could tell a story using these images as characters and backdrops, or you could invent your own process for guiding the viewer in their experience of the pictures.  If you need inspiration for subject matter, try one of these two themes as a starting point: A) A story of a difficult decision in which all the options seem wrong.  B) A repeated transformation in which you subject each image to the same physical process (drawing, cutting, folding, burning, etc.)

2.     Creative Documentary: Use any combination of moving images, still images, and sounds to construct a video that investigates a real-world issue that is important to you.  Your piece might leave some questions unanswered, but make sure that it speaks for itself.  In other words, it shouldn't need an explanation from you in order for the viewer to understand what your subject matter is.  Remember, "show don't tell" whenever possible.  4-5 minutes would be a recommended duration for this piece.

3.     Critical Intervention: This one has two components - the event itself, and the documentation of the event.  

THE EVENT: Organize a group of friends or strangers (or both) to make something unexpected (but not illegal please) happen in a public place.  Think about the juxtaposition of the place and the action.  Try to make a personal or political wish come true through your event/performance.  Examples: build an igloo on the front lawn of the Minnesota State Capitol building, perform an original play on the light rail platform, do a giant sidewalk mural in chalk, cover a metered parking space with sod and have a cookout there (but don't forget to feed the meter.) 

THE DOCUMENTATION: Document your event with a video.  Make sure you have someone who is responsible for taking photos and/or video at the event.  Edit these into a video piece that conveys the spirit of the event.  Use voiceover or text if necessary, but focus on a compelling visual and sonic presentation of the event.

4.     Design your own: Write a paragraph or two that describes: 1. What do you want to make -- what will the end result look like? 2. Your process -- how are you going to make it happen? 3. Why are you interested in subject or way of working? Email me this proposal.

Video Project - Assignment Description

Due November 17

Make a short video (about 2 to 3 minutes) that is autobiographical in some way.  Use a combination of images and sounds to portray subject matter that is personally relevant.  
You can think of this as a self-portrait, or as an exercise in non-traditional storytelling.

Use Final Cut to assemble your piece -- the source could be from video camera shots, still images, appropriated material, or all of the above.

But again, no music unless you made it yourself.

Final Cut Importing and Editing Handouts

Katrina Becker - Stairs

Actions of Writing

Topher Williamson: slug

Bridge - Em Dunker


Zach Kremer - Sketch 5 (Dorm Bathrooms)

MArk sketch 5


Katherine Shannon:: under,in

sketch 5 -mark vancleave

Addisalem Tesfaye - more than just a space!

Kelli Peterson - Eye


Katrina McKee Minneapolis