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Recording each morning when I wake up and each night as I go to bed from my favorite spot in my new house. I don't get to spend much time here so I made an effort to record a whole memory card each night and each morning

Em Dunker - Exchange

Ben Ellenbecker - Autobiographical Video Project

Ben Ellenbecker - Autobiographical Video Project

Some clips and pictures from bits and pieces of my life.

Video Project - Assignment Description

Due November 17

Make a short video (about 2 to 3 minutes) that is autobiographical in some way.  Use a combination of images and sounds to portray subject matter that is personally relevant.  
You can think of this as a self-portrait, or as an exercise in non-traditional storytelling.

Use Final Cut to assemble your piece -- the source could be from video camera shots, still images, appropriated material, or all of the above.

But again, no music unless you made it yourself.