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In-class Stopmotion Animation Experiments

Magic Trick by Mandi Hansen and Karrah Kobus

Faces by Chris Krajnik, Therese Graf, and Eli Edleson-Stein

Flyaway by Chris Krajnik, Therese Graf, and Eli Edleson-Stein

The Flying Amigos
by Theresa Crushshon, Allan Kerandi, and Sam Baker

Dodgeball by Chris Locky, Sara Bernal, and Almarie Coleman

Paper War by Tom Baumgartner, Andrew Burns, and Shreyans Jain

Public Animation Assignment - Due March 3rd

Turn the mini into massive!

Public Animation Assignment, due March 3rd:

Make a short (approximately 1 minute or 900 frames at 15fps) stop-motion or time-lapse animation that you intend to project on the wall of the building across from WBSC.  Use everyday objects or materials; transform them, move them, or accumulate them over time.

Your piece should be site-specific - it should relate directly to the space where it will be projected.  This relationship could be a physical one (your imagery relates to the physical structure of the wall or building or the empty space of the lot.)  On the other hand, your piece could be site-specific in the way that it engages passing pedestrians.

For our class on March 3rd, we'll take a field trip to the West Bank Social Center to project our assignments in public and do an improvised collaboration with Minneapolis Art on Wheels.
It's gonna be FUN!!

Equipment Checkout from the Art Dept.

Equipment Checkout: W139 Regis Art Center - 612.625.9532


Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm
Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm

+Equipment can be reserved online or at the checkout counter.

Checkout Policy
+User may book a piece of equipment up to 48 hours per week.
+Reservations can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
+Sunday is not counted as part of a user's checkout time.
+Users can schedule up to 5 reservations per day and a maximum of 5 acive reservations in the schedule at one time.
+Users must pick up their equipment within 1 hour of their reservation time or their reservation will be cancelled.
+Users are limited to 1 camera per checkout.

User Responsibility
+Users are financially responsible for equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged, while checked out in their name.  Replacement or repair cost may be placed on the user's student account.
+Users are responsible for returning their equipment at their scheduled return time.

Overdue Equipment Policy
+Users who are habitually late returning equipment or return equipment more than 24 hours late may be banned from using equipment checkout.

CLA Equipment Checkout at Rarig

In addition to the video equipment available from the Art Dept, there are cameras and other equipment available from the College of Liberal Arts.  The gear is located in CLA TV studios on the 5th floor of Rarig Center.  Browse the available equipment and make reservations at https://claoit.umn.edu/checkout/studios/index.php

As a reminder, the Art Dept's equipment checkout website is http://checkout.art.umn.edu

Reading Assignment due 2/17 - 'Speed' by Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks is a neurologist and writer; an influential thinker among scientists, psychologists, writers, artists, and philosophers alike for his insights about how humans relate to the world and to each other.  Before we start working with animation and video, this should provide some food for thought about how our human perception shapes our subjective experience of time and motion.

Speed by Oliver Sacks from The New Yorker; 8/23/2004, Vol. 80 Issue 23, p60-69

Student Film Festival - call for submissions

The Yes Men's new film

The Yes Men Fix the World premieres this weekend at the Oak Street Cinema:

Tonight we'll take the special opportunity to attend the talk by one of the Yes Men, Mike Bonanno at the U of M's Carlson School of Management:

DIY publishing

For future reference, if you want to publish your own book or magazine, these are some web-based printing companies that will print on demand in small quantities.

Printing at the Digital Service Bureau

If you want to make reservations to print at the Digital Service Bureau, or get information about their hours of operation and rules:  http://checkout.dsb.umn.edu

Visiting Artist, Aaron Anderson

Here's a link to the blog of Aaron's art collective, Hardland/Heartland:
and a gallery of their books and ephemera: