Shooting Checklist

SHOOTING CHECKLIST                UMN    Arts 1601 Time & Interactivity

Follow these rules, and you'll save yourself some headaches.

o    'Stripe' your tape: Record something (anything) over your tape in one continuous take. Yes, it will take 60 minutes, but it will be worth it.  You can do this at home or in the lab with the camera plugged in so it doesn't run out of batteries.  Cover the lens or shoot something of a distinctive color, so you'll always know a "blank" spot of tape when you come to it.   Now your whole tape is 'striped' with time code - this information helps the computer find specific parts of the tape.  A gap in time code will make it difficult to import your footage.

o    Make sure you have more than enough blank tape before you're on location.

o    Make sure you have 2 batteries and charge them both before you leave to go on a shoot.

o    Roll early and cut late:  Always start recording at least 5 seconds before the action begins, and keep recording at least 5 seconds after it has ended.  These heads and tails will give Final Cut the necessary leeway to import your good footage without any glitches.  Too much footage is not a bad thing!

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