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Animal Survial

How do animals survive disasters? How come our sophisticated don't come up to par with animals senses? The key is their keen senses to changes in the environment and increased ability to detect changes. 

Therese Graf- Project 3

Soundexperiment- Therese Graf

Lost my original work so this is what I could scrap together. 

Audio Fun Time by Chris Krajnik

Michael Whiting - The Haunting

Michael Whiting  - Project 3 - titled The Haunting

Final Project -- Due 5/5

Final Project 
Propose a project that makes creative use of digital media tools to investigate a subject that interests you. 

Come to class next week (4/21) prepared to give a short presentation about your project: 
+ Talk about the subject matter of your piece. What is it about and why are you interested in it? 
+ Talk about your process. What tools and strategies do you plan to use? 
+ Talk about how you hope the piece will turn out, and about questions you have in mind as you begin. (This project can be a process of inquiry where you aren't sure how it will turn out.) 
+ Show at least one visual or sonic example - it could be footage or photographs that you will use, or it could be another artist's work that inspires your project.

You will present your final project to your peers on May 5th.  
Also due at the beginning of class on the 5th: an entry on the class blog that includes 
1. Functional embedded media or links to your work.
2. One paragraph of clear and concise text about your piece.  This writing should explain your motivations and concerns as an artist.  It should help an unfamiliar viewer to understand and appreciate your work.


One Question - Sara Bernal

ARTS 1601 - Shreyans Jain - Short Film Project

Art Attacks by Theresa

Chris Locky project #3

Day Drinking-By Sam Baker

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The music comes from a remix I did of Lil Jon's "Act a Fool", however I made some modifications to it.

Special thanks to Pabst for such a quality beer.

Therese Graf: From the Ground Up

Rerig Center Movie.mov

Audio Citation: Immashoo Group Schizophrenic. Mongolian Keychain. Rec. Mar 6 2006.  Open Source Audio. April 5 2010. <http://www.archive.org/details/MongolianKeychain1>.

AndrewBurns: Merry-Go-Round

Special Thanks  to Tyler Wimsett for helping with the video.

Chris Krajnik_Safety Tips

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One Question - Sara Bernal

Allan Kerandi: Animal Survial

Animals have a unique sense to identify danger ahead of time. Sometime we all just need to pay more attention