First Person Video Essay


Your assignment, due March 2nd, is the first stage of a larger video project. Come to class on that day with at least 15 minutes of footage to work with. Buy your own SDHC card from the equipment checkout so that you keep possession of your work.

Here's the challenge:
Think of a place or activity -- or even a person -- that you know well. Choose a subject that you are intimately acquainted with, but that other people may not know a lot about. Use a digital video camera to capture the sights and sounds that you think are most effective at sharing this subject with us (the audience.) Shoot from a variety of angles and try to get lots of details. Experiment, and get a little more material than you think you need.

You may choose to approach this as a straightforward documentary, a visual/audible poem, or a constructed fiction. The choice is yours -- but either way it will be your vision of this subject.

*Try to avoid capturing recognizable images of people you don't know unless you have their permission.

Bring your footage with you to class on March 2nd, and we'll dive into the editing process...

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