Vanessa Borotz's Final project brainstorm


For the final project I really like the idea of either the class or a group exploring a certain space, capturing things that interest them within that space and then somehow presenting these sketches or sensory interests within that same space. If it were in public, it would be interesting to see people passing by take notice of our sensory documentations of that space. Perhaps they would ask questions, perhaps they wouldn't, in either case it would be a form of interaction. If it were a particular room, say within Regis, or perhaps even in an completely different part of campus that would also be really interesting to see how people would respond to our sensory documentations. I would imagine finding the space would take some class time, and then exploring sensory details of the space and editing could be done on an individual basis. Perhaps several groups could explore different spaces. The following week we could put together our sensory documentations and loop them so there is a blending and the space becomes embodied with its own memories.

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