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Final Cut Setup and Importing Handouts


It's essential that you follow the proper steps to set up a Final Cut Project before you start Transferring footage or editing!!


Once your project is properly set up, Log and Transfer with the instructions here:

Basic Camera Handouts


A handout on basic camera use and cinematography considerations:


Complete Instruction Manual for the Canon card-media cameras:

HTML and Processing Resources


Some clear (but rather dry) basic HTML instructions can be found here:
A simple glossary of tags is here:
Colorpicker - for easily converting color to hex code.

The website for the Processing software -- -- is a wealth of resources for learning to write code. Tutorials are here:

Photoshop Resources


Pixels, Inches, Megapixels, Resolution
Here's a helpful chart that tells an image's optimum dimensions in pixels for whatever print size and quality you want. It also shows how that translates into "megapixels." There are handy explanations of the terms also (the chart itself is near the bottom of the page.)

Photoshop Key Commands
Here's a chart of some of the most common and helpful Photoshop key command shortcuts.

How to Connect to the Classroom Server


Use the "Artserve" Server to back up your work whenever you are in W248.
**NEVER run Final Cut Pro Projects directly from the server**

1. In the Finder, press Apple-K, and put in the address

2. Enter the username and password from the Access section of your syllabus (the same ones you use to log on to the classroom computers.)

3. The first time you log on, make a new folder for your work, titled with your first and last names (i.e. JonathanKaiser)

How to Post to this Blog


1. Open a new window in your browser and go to

2. Click the bright green Start Blogging link.

3. Login with your x500 username

4. Under the "My Blogs" heading on the Dashboard, you should see Experimental and Media Arts - Spring 2011. Click on it.

5. If you don't see this, Click on the System Overview tab and select it there.

6. Now you can go to Create > Entry

7. Make sure your entry has a Title which includes your name and that you choose a Category from the menu on the right. Please don't make new categories.

8. Use the Picture 2.png (Insert Image) button to upload any photographs you'd like to include.

9. Use the Picture 4.png (Hyperlink) button to change any highlighted text into a link.  Be ready to paste or type the URL.

10. Click SAVE!!!!!!