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Miles Dombrovski: Sketch 6


Sketch 6


Katie Venne "What's Wrong With The City?"


Anyone who has experienced both northern Minnesota and Minneapolis/St. Paul will tell you that it is like two different worlds. My family has lived in northern Minnesota all their lives, and were not too pleased to hear that I was moving down here for college. This video shows my family's perspective on "the big city" and why exactly they try to stay as far away from it as possible.


Musical Collisions by Alexa Hunt


In this video I wanted to convey different musical styles and instruments "colliding together." I used marimba, djembe, bongos, guitar, and banjo because they are instruments that aren't usually heard together, especially guitar and marimba.

The first half of the video is meant to show the collision between the different instruments working and playing together, while the second half creates a feeling of dissonance. The viewer sees instruments that don't connect with the sound, creating a sense of detachment and sadness.

Watch here.

Flowing in flux


In this sketch I consider the changing flow of natural and human worlds and their collision around the Washington Avenue Bridge & the Mississippi river on the U of M campus. In anticipation of the central corridor light rail transit, I often find myself trying to imagine the ways the light rail will change and reorder spaces I am familiar with as they are at present. The light rail is a heavily disputed topic in many communities and even though I am interested in the various controversies regarding its plan and implementation, I wanted this video to feel more like a question than an argument. I tried to be as objective as possible as I layered shots of the river, flowing traffic, and light rail. I am interested in the intersecting interactions, layered meanings and attachments to the landscape that form our opinions about the impacts of LRT. While different conceptions of place inform personal interpretations of the impacts of the LRT, the changes in the physical landscape and reordering of space cannot be fully realized until the plan is complete, so for now we are left to wait and wonder.

Video Here

Scott Khail Sketch 6


The Escape by Brian Vo


Two best friends try to escape this strange place that is full of obstacles while a car fanatic goes for a drive....What will happen to these two best friends in the END????

The Escape

Carter Jensen Worlds Colliding


Brenna Malovrh "Expressions of the Heart"


Some people are filled with kindness and joy, while others are simply taken by anger and doubt. Though it seems impossible at times, a loving heart can always warm the cold heart of another...

Expressions of the Heart