January 2, 2007


By way of introduction, my name is Laura Olevitch. I am new to this blog and to the University. I've been here about a month, and am a Program Development Coordinator at the Minnesota Population Center (MPC).

The following announcement may be of interest to some of you.
The MPC is now accepting Spring applications for Proposal Development Grants. These are small-scale grants, designed to give researchers the time or other resources that they need to develop and submit population-related research proposals to external funding agencies.

The submission deadline is Thursday, February 15.
For more information, visit our website (

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October 20, 2006

From barbara murdock

OK. This is really cute --

I'm not sure where the pull-down menu to publish is, but it says below that the post status is published. So... I guess I'll believe it.

Thanks, Jeanne!


October 11, 2006

Hello Blog

Hopefully, this will be a valuable resource for information sharing

October 6, 2006

Welcome to the Grants Consultant Info Exchange

Greetings and welcome to the new Grants Consultant Info Exchange blog. In the pages of this blog, U of MN grants consultants from across the institution are welcome to post questions, concerns, suggestions, and responses on topics regarding higher education funding. The blog is administered by Jeanne Kilde. Contact her at if you would like to be added to the authors list.