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A casa!

Here a few pictures from my apartment.

View from my living room window. The mountains in the back still have snow.

View from the rooftop to the back of my house

My apartment is in a neighbourhood called Casteletto, which overlooks the city. Streets are narrow, always up or down and life is busy.

Scooters near my house. It is about the only efficient way to get around.


Juergen, thanks for sharing this site. It is a great blog. I was pleasantly surprised, since I expected some rather boring science and found, rather, very interesting photos and bits of info about your environs and life on sabbatical in Italy. Very nice!

Dear Dr. Konczak:
Thanks for sharing your blog. I see a good blend of enjoying science and nature. I always wanted to see Italy, it is nice though to see it through the eyes of someone like you. I loved the picture of you and Silke taken by Till. The one where Till is actually holding the chain and crossing the steep mountain was scary, I must say he is a brave boy!!