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June 23, 2009

Milano trips

I have been to Milano twice in the last month. In the middle May I visited some friends over a weekend and last week I participated in a workshop at the Polytechnical University in Milan. Milan weather was certainly hotter than in Genova. I appreciate the sea breeze on my terazzo.


At the piazza del duomo, the main square in downtown Milano. In the background is the cathedral (il duomo).


I visited my good friends Gabriel and Susan in Milano. Here you see Gabriel with the very curious looking "family addition". The way she looks into the world, she will become a scientist just like her dad.

June 7, 2009

The end is in sight

Just another seven weeks, before I depart. Tempus fugit! I have been working long hours this past week to finish another manuscript for publication. Freely following the maxime: "Publish, but perish anyway!"

If you are interested in what I have published so far in 2009 go to: hsc.umn.edu

My Italian is slowly getting better. I take an advanced conversation course through the Institute twice a week in the evening. It is clearly too advanced for me, but I hang in there. Unfortunately, there is no intermediate course offered. I still make many mistakes during conversations, but at least I manage to get my groceries and most important my aperitivo, the early evening drink in a local bars :-).

Frecce tricolori

On Friday late afternoon, the famous squad "frecce tricolori" (the arrows with the three colors) appeared over Genova. They are hugely popular here and gave an 30 minute air show over the harbour. I filmed some scenes from the roof of my apartment building.


There is a little clip to watch.

A much more detailed and cooler clip can been seen on "youtube".
Link to Youtube Clip