June 7, 2009

Frecce tricolori

On Friday late afternoon, the famous squad "frecce tricolori" (the arrows with the three colors) appeared over Genova. They are hugely popular here and gave an 30 minute air show over the harbour. I filmed some scenes from the roof of my apartment building.


There is a little clip to watch.

A much more detailed and cooler clip can been seen on "youtube".
Link to Youtube Clip

March 15, 2009

Out of Town Board Meeting

Michael, a fellow board member from the Twin Cities German Immersion School visited me last weekend. He was on a business trip in Milan. He took the train to Genova (~ 2 hour ride) and I showed him Genova by walking around the city and porto antico (the old harbour).



This is Via Garibaldi, where the Genovese people of rather affluent means built their city palaces in the 16-18th century. This is Palazzo Rosso (the red palace). We had a "caffe macchiato" in the little bar where you see tables outside.