June 23, 2009

Milano trips

I have been to Milano twice in the last month. In the middle May I visited some friends over a weekend and last week I participated in a workshop at the Polytechnical University in Milan. Milan weather was certainly hotter than in Genova. I appreciate the sea breeze on my terazzo.


At the piazza del duomo, the main square in downtown Milano. In the background is the cathedral (il duomo).


I visited my good friends Gabriel and Susan in Milano. Here you see Gabriel with the very curious looking "family addition". The way she looks into the world, she will become a scientist just like her dad.

May 10, 2009

Trip to France

Last week I flew to Paris to give a presentation at the College de France, which is an old premier research institution right next to the Sorbonne, the famous and first university of Paris.

The front entrance of the College de France. It was founded in 1530.

The Sorbonne University is the directly adjacent to the College.

This is my new car to get me around. A bit futuristic but it drives.