October 29, 2008

Joan says I'm fat

Joan said last night that I'm getting fatter, especially around my neck and she can't see my ribs as much. I guess she's gonna cut my food down! The reason is she's been sick so we haven't been doing our normal several runs a week plus she's been pretty liberal with my food. Now, I guess it is going to be back to a strict 1.5 cups of food in the morning and night.

She better keep up with the treats though!

September 5, 2008

Off Day

I don't feel so good this morning. Not sure why but I decided to not eat my breakfast (YET!) and let's just say going to the bathroom was more of a production than it normally is. I probably ate something on our walk or run yesterday (there are always interesting things to eat out on the street on in people's yards) that made my stomach upset.

Last night Melissa slept over. She is a human. She didn't want to stay in her house because a dead rat is smelling up her house. I kinda understand her, as I hate to hear things in the wall, but on the other hand, the smell might be really interesting to me! I love smells that humans don't seem to like - like a rotting squirrel in the road that got run over.

September 3, 2008

Bed Hopping

Since my sitters let me on the bed (Heidi, cool girl), sometimes I think I can go on the bed in my house. And sometimes Joan lets me, like when she was sick! So then I think I can go up on the beds, but truly Joan doesn't want me up on them because I shed brown fur on them. So when she leaves the house, she now closes her bedroom door so I cannot go in there.

Well, she doesn't close the other "extra" bedroom door. So, I've been sneaking up on the bed in there and Joan hasn't seemed to notice. However .... this morning, she saw that some papers that she had on the bed were on the ground ... and she suspected ... and looked close and saw, what?, but DOG FUR. I can't imagine whose fur that is!!!

Yep, she kinda looked at me and explained to me that I cannot go up there and that I leave evidence of everywhere I go....

yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joan was sick

Last week or so, Joan was really really sick. She was really delirious and slept a lot. The first day, I jumped up on her bed and slept at the foot - and she didn't care. I gave her plenty of space.

Later on, I started to take over more of the bed .....

Bosco sleeping in middle of bed

But I was there for her!

Bones Part 2

Just so you know, that bone recipe makes bones that are kinda chewy. They are yummy but not crunchy!

Lots of freshly cooked bones

Bosco sees a treat

Bosco eat a treat - up close.