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Climbing trees at the dog park

I just love going to the dog park near Minnehaha park! You can see below that I am also very adept at climbing trees and swimming (I'm all wet). I was fetching sticks from the river and running around with a new dog friend I made, Bailey - you can see him just below me - he is a black lab mix. I had the grandest time down there and it always better to go there with a dog friend than alone. I don't always trust those other dogs - sometimes they come after me too aggressively and then I have to growl or bark at them because I'm still pretty shy. It was a fantastic day!



Sure glad you had a good time at the river, Bosco. It won't be long before you're chasing those sticks out onto the ice!

But just in case you don't know, when you're famous and have a blog like yours, your fans may stop coming back if you don't respond to their comments....

Barry -
I love the snow and ice, too, so I don't care that the weather is turning. It is true that there is less fetching going on but I still have a fabulous time running around in the snow and poking my nose down into it to look for critters.

- Bosco