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Oh, boy, I ended up getting shocked yesterday again. This was just a day after the neighbor asked Joan if the ultimate goal was to be able to take off the shock collar after I had learned the boundaries of the invisible fence. She said that theoretically you could do that, but if the dog went into the area and did not get a shock, it would be confusing to the dog.
And then, last night, I was bouncing at the back door because I saw several squirrels outside on the wall of the garage. Joan let me out, and I ran down the stairs and ran through the grassy "no-dog" zone and as I neared the garage, ready to jump up after the squirrel, I cried out, "errr owww, errr" and ran into the rest of the yard. Eeks - I learned my lesson yet once again!
I have, though, demonstrated that I know where the invisible fence is. Like when Tim, the neighbor comes over to give me a treat. I used to run down to the gate and jump up, wagging my tail. Now, I have to wait on the stoop for him to come inside the gate. I've been very good about waiting for him and, of course, then he usually has a tasty treat, too.
I also nearly, seriously, nearly got a squirrel the other day. Joan said she could see my teeth and mouth open ready to dig in. But the squirrel (smartly) ran into the raspberry bushes (the no-dog zone), so I just stopped and was a little bummed that I could not follow.
Joan tells me that tomorrow we are going to a state park to walk through the beautiful trees. My dog friend, Bailey, is coming along too so I'm super happy - that is as long as I remember him (I do sometimes forget people or dog friends that I've already met.) And next week Joan is having visitors, so I'm looking forward to the full house - more people to pet me!!!



Thanks for replying and I'm glad you and the squirrel are both OK. I sure hope you had fun rampaging through the fall leaves. The sound they make is my second favorite in nature. The first is the sound of snowshoes crunching through ice crust. Have fun at your full house and remember, the calm doggie gets more people pets than the "jump on 'em" doggie.

Barry -
I'll keep that in mind. I usually don't jump on people - especially not people I haven't seen for a year. Instead, I am afraid of them. And then when I warm up, my biggest problem is giving too many kisses (licks). Joan is trying to train me to stop doing that.
I don't have snowshoes, but I also love the rummaging through the snow. My paws do just fine!
I hear you are doing well with your dissertation...too bad you don't have my life of leisure - eating, sleeping, and running.