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I love visitors. Joan had her parents here for the last few days. Joan showed them the dog park where I was having fun climbing trees. (See the picture.) I was showing off by not only climbing the tree but jumping off the tree from the middle - just about where I am in the photo. Anyway, now I guess I can rest because they left now. It was great to have people around all the time at home to pet me and let me out and give me treats. I was getting concerned when the suitcases came out today, but lucky for me Joan stayed. Phew!


Gosh Bosco, you're brave to be out in such cooolldd weather with no sweater or anything. Whoever that person is in the photo is dressed like its below zero F, so it must be really, really cold. Glad you had fun at the dog park, I got to go to the dentist yesterday. You had more fun than I did.

Barry - I don't even brush my teeth - I'm sorry you had dental problems.