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Dog Bowls

One of my fine friends, Barry (he has posted comments on my blog), sent me an email suggesting that my owner, Joan, purchase this fine set of elevated dog bowls - see picture below.


Unfortunately for me, Joan recognized that such a fine bowl really is not the right thing for me since I am not very lady-like in my eating. She puts my bowl of food down and I literally inhale my food in about 10 seconds' time. Sometimes I eat so fast that I kind of snort while Joan yells at me to stop eating so fast. (I don't listen to her.) Then I think it is funny, after I'm done, to saunter over to Joan and then look at her, licking my chops, and then burp -- I just can't help it after eating so fast!


Gosh Bosco, thanks for thinking of this for at least twice as long as it takes you to eat (unless of course you're a very fast blogger). The bowl is elevated to reduce neck strain, but I guess you really don't need it because you're neck is not strained for very long!
Hope you're having a great new year, and have fun helping Joan take down the tree.

We're all using mom's computer right now, but wanted you to know we love your blog. We love to burp in mom's face too, well, Razz does at least. We look forward to reading more about you and your human.
Razz,Finnegan,Lily & Ruby