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Travel is not advised without me

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Joan did her thing of packing up a suitcase and leaving me for another week. I hate it when she does that! And she had already left a week before that. Everytime I see that suitcase filled with stuff, I sniff it and realize she is going to leave me for a while. Then I start following her around endlessly because really, I would like to go with her. But alas, last week, I saw the suitcase. She was leaving so Joan took me with her but all we did was go to the post office. But then we came back home and she left with that suitcase out the front door. I was up on the couch instantly watching her walk away from the house. Oh, please don't go!!

But then a few hours later, I was saved when Roberta came over to stay with me. The problem is I miss Joan so much that I bug Roberta quite a bit. I always want her to pet me and nudge her. (Over Christmas I spilled a glass of wine on Roberta when I jumped up on her lap. She was NOT happy with me and neither was Joan!) Joan said if I keep acting like that, no one will want to stay with me and I'll have to go to a kennel - and I remember that bad place from when my former owners abandoned me to it. Actually, it was okay, but I was just scared and lonely so I would just curl into a ball in my kennel.

Yesterday I got to go to the local dog park to play fetch with Joan with my favorite purple plastic dog bone/bar bell toy. Twice I had to get kind of angry with other dogs. They were both small dogs that yipp a lot. I do not like them, so I had to growl and make scary sounds. Those other dog owners did not like me doing that, so Joan said we had to go. But I was fetching my ball just great when those little dogs did not bug me. And, I even was returning the ball to Joan because there was another dog who kept stealing my ball from me. So if I got a hold of it, I brought it directly back to Joan instead of just dropping it - b/c the other dog would steal it then.


Well, Bosco, you really are lucky. My poor kids have to go to the kennel because we don't have anyone who can stay with them. And they haven't gotten to go to a dogpark yet. :-( But Payton is a great dane and might be a little scary to other puppies, even though he's really a sweetie.

I'm sure Payton is welcome at the dog parks. Hope to see you soon!

I like the fact that finally i can read a dogs thoughts. I've always wanted to since i was a kid. lol
I will certainly be reading more...

This is very cute. We have a whole article on "travelling WITH your dog" and we'd like to include this. Is that all right?

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it's very interesting and sad story. It has really touch me and i want to put it on my website too, may I?

Gosh! Sorry it has taken me so long to post a comment. Travel season has begun and I have been flying all over the map visiting high schools and college fairs. good story from you.

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