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I'm a sensitive dog...

On Sunday, I threw up all my breakfast at around 1 PM. Joan says she's lucky she had not left to do errands because it was kind of a big mess that she would not want sitting on the hardwood floor for too long. But the question is: why did I get sick in the middle of the day? I'm not altogether sure myself but I have some suspicions that reveal a bit more about me.

Hypothesis 1:
Sometimes my stomach gets upset when Joan leaves town or other things scare me. So my first hypothesis relates to a scare I had on Saturday night. I need to preface this with the fact that 2 weeks ago, Joan decided that I needed a bath. Though I love the river and lakes and swimming, I'm not a fan of baths, especially when they are in the bathtub versus outside. Somehow I knew what was coming. Joan brushed me and took off my collar. Then I saw her collecting various towels and my shampoo and then started putting a bit of water in the bathtub. THEN, she called me. I knew what was up - I'm no dummy! Since I did not have a collar, I was pretty good at slipping away from her. I ran upstairs and hid out on the landing. But then she went into the kitchen and she could have been going outside or getting me a snack so I ran down to see what was up. Ultimately, my desire for food landed me in the bathtub. She lured me into the bathroom, tail between my legs and my whole body shaking, and then picked me up and put me in the tub. So I got a bath. I was successful in escaping once and I shook my body so I got dog hair and water all over the bathroom. Here's a picture of me after the bath:


So back to this weekend --- on Saturday night, Joan turned on the bathtub and started filling it with water. I immediately started freaking out. I ran upstairs again and hid on the landing. Then I came down and I was shaking all over - I was really scared that she going to put me in that bathtub again! In the end, SHE (crazy woman) got into the bathtub!!! But it caused quite a scare for me and perhaps is why I got sick the next day.

Hypothesis 2:
On Sunday morning, Joan did not follow our usual routine. Instead of immediately satisfying my desire for a morning walk, she let me out to go to the bathroom and fed me but then she left and went swimming! So it could be that I was a bit discomforted by her break in our routine.

Hypothesis 3: After Joan returned home from swimming, she must have felt bad and took me to the dog park despite the subzero temperatures. While there, I was chewing up lots of sticks and getting into my usual mischief. So I could have eaten too many pieces of stick, as Joan noted that there were sticks in my vomit (I know this is gross).

So those are my hypotheses - what do you think? Why did I get sick? By the way, I'm totally fine now and haven't had any issues since then.



Glad you're fine. Too bad you were sick, it's never a good feeling, but it is the way a dog's stomach get's rid of stuff that will be worse for the dog if it stays in there. That said, I think it was the sticks. And yes, people do take baths, and I even know some dogs who love it! Have you ever heard of a spa? It's where people (and sometimes really super-pampered dogs) PAY MONEY to get a bath! Can you believe it?