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Sticks and Stones

Well, Barry was right (see last entry's comment) - the sticks do make me throw up! Yesterday, I had the good fortune to go to the dog park again. I was suppose to go on Saturday but Joan was not feeling well enough then. [too bad for me.] In any case, I went down there and ran my legs off. It was all snowy and beautiful - but even though Joan tried to get me to not chew on sticks, I did it anyway a little bit.
Then, this morning Joan woke up to me vomiting again. And all that was there was sticks! So really, I should not chew those things up but I can't help it.
By the way, I was so exhausted after the dog park. It sure wears me out more to run through 8" or so of snow than when it is just dirt. When I got home at 5pm, I just napped all the way to bedtime.