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My toenails

Today much to my horror, Joan cut my toenails. They have gotten very long and I guess she felt the need to cut them. She always tries and manages to cut one toenail and then I freak out and start fidgeting and licking and just getting in the way preventing her from cutting any more nails. But today she surprised me with a new tactic....
First she brushed me - I love that! It is like a massage for people, I bet. Then, she brought several things over to the rug - the nail cutter, some treats, the leash (I got really excited when I saw that!), and another device I did not remember. So since she had been brushing me, she first put my collar back on - I was so excited because sometimes that means we are going to the dog park. But then, she put on the special device - called a muzzle! Geez - the last time I had this on was last summer when another dog I did not like very much came over to my house. She put that on and I was very sad. I just kind of stood there very disappointed in Joan. Then she put on the leash and then, egads, she bent over and started cutting my nails while stepping on the leash which prevented me from moving very much. Generally, it went okay - she managed to cut my front 8 nails and then she gave me 3 treats after taking off that horrible muzzle.

True to my generous spirit, I was not any worse for the wear. I ate my treats and was happy with Joan. Then she took me on a walk. She's been working with me to stop pulling and today I did a longer walk and was pretty good with not pulling. Of course, I still need the lure of food to keep me in check.

That's it from the city of Minneapolis for today. The only other thing is that I really wish all those homeowners would clear the ice off their sidewalks! Both Joan, and I keep slipping and it is no fun.


Congratulations on being such a good girl getting your toenails cut! I know it's pretty scary, but if your toenails get too long they can cause trouble -- like getting caught on something and breaking. That happened to my old friend Jake once, and he had to have surgery on his nail.

When I cut my chocolate lab Andy's nails, I sort of straddle him between my knees and cut his toenails like they used to shoe horses. It's easier to hold him still and he doesn't have to use a muzzle! Maybe you'd like that better....

Well, I am going to have mom try the muzzle on me today. We just cut one nail on Hubie, but he was jumping around so much wanting to play, mom just gave up. I will get back to you after the job! Wish me luck!