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I break the rules sometimes...and get caught!

Today Joan was working at home this morning on her computer. She doesn't like me walking in and out of her office constantly, so she usually closes the door and doesn't let me in while she's working. Well, she was in there for quite some time, and I thought, "She's not paying attention to me, so I'm not going to pay attention to her rules." So quick as can be, I jumped up and curled up into a ball on the couch. She knows that I go up on the couch while she is not here because sometimes I leave things I bring over there like her running shoe or a glove and, most notably, dog fur. But she can't do anything about it because she never catches me on the couch! I hear her unlock the door, and I jump down and act innocently even though the couch is warm and full of fur.

In any case, today I did not hear her come out of her office and all of the sudden, there she was, standing in the living room staring at me -- a brown curled up doggie ON THE COUCH! Oops. Since I was already caught, I decided to just stay put until she started reprimanding me. So, I got up and slinked off the couch and put on my best innocent act and the look of "I didn't really do anything wrong." She was pointing at my dog bed telling me that was the appropriate place for me. I understand that, but I rather like the couch! It is warm and near the windows so I can pop my head up and see anything that is going on in front of my territory.

In the end, Joan finally started petting me and admitted that I do look very cute curled up on the couch. Plus, I know that she hates that futon anyway, so she really doesn't care if I'm on it - it's just an issue of precedent. If she willingly lets me go on the couch, then I might think I can also go on a new couch or chair or bed....

The funniest thing is that Joan is at work right now and guess where I am? Working on the computer on the couch! Ha ha ha.


Sounds like we could be GREAT friends!