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3 AM

Today started for me (and Joan) at 3 AM when I woke her up because I kept shaking my head/flapping my ears/jingling my ID tags. See, I sauntered up to Joan's room, where I have a second bed, but my ears were bothering me so I kept shaking my head. This wakes Joan up. So at 3AM, we had a little one-on-one in the kitchen - and not the kind I wanted. I like it if she goes in the cabinet and gets me a bone or lets me outside. But instead, she started cleaning my ears. This consists of her squirting cold liquid from a bottle into my ear, massaging it around, and then cleaning my ear with a paper towel. As soon as I see that bottle, my tail goes down and I look at her with a sad look. So she cleaned my ears and then went back to bed. She also took off my collar so that my ID tags wouldn't jingle anymore even if I shook my head. In that case, all she hears are my ears flapping.

Since I made Joan get up at 3AM, I let her sleep in a bit. And I was sure rewarded. First, she fed me. Then, we went to the dog park where I got to fetch my purple bone toy over and over again. There were 2 dogs when I got there - a white one and a black one, and I liked both of them. Then later a lighter brown dog joined us and he wasn't so nice. I had to growl at him once, so then Joan and I just played fetch by ourselves, off to the side. Meanwhile the light brown dog got more aggressive with the other two dogs and eventually the white dog was on her back, submissive, and the brown dog kept going at her. Finally, the owner got a clue and left. Phew! I could relax after that. Though, I have to say that is exactly why I prefer to operate on the periphery of dog activity at the dog park.

Most of the rest of the day (besides my afternoon walk with Joan) was spent on the backstoop, sunning myself and overseeing my yard - making sure no squirrels came into it. Oh, and then Tim, the neighbor, saw that I was outside so he came over and had a few treats for me! He is so nice to me!

This evening I was sleeping on my bed while Joan folded laundry etc. All that overseeing the yard really tires me out!