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sensitive topic

I probably should not even talk about this, but I see it everyday. I don't understand you humans go to the bathroom in a boxed in room with no view of anything but a wall. It is very strange when you consider the alternative. I mean! Joan and I get up and go for a walk. I tend to wait until I'm near the river and then I put my back to the street and look out at the Mississippi River. Now, how can you do better than that?! What a life I lead. I just shake my head at you humans.

I'm becoming very excited about the weather. Not that I don't like the snow, but I really love the sun more. I always seek out the sunny spots on the floor in the house to lay down in. I also am spending more time in the backyard and on walks with Joan.



I think it's time for you to have a chat with Joan about the work she does. As a researcher, I think she'll be able to explain to you the error in your thinking. In researcher-speak this is called "over-generalizing from a sample of one". In everday language it means "you haven't seen all the bathrooms yet." I can think of lots of them that had a terrific view!

I won't go into the importance of having soft leaves handy. This is especially true when the view is really, really terrific.

Hi Barry -
Joan just told me that I have about a N of 3 or 4. I suppose that is still not enough. Anyway, unless the bathrooms you speak of have no walls or roof, I think my bathrooms are far superior! ha ha.