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My ears are starting to bother me again. Last night I was shaking my head so much, and then I went upstairs and Joan said, "guess what we have to do?" I thought she meant go for a walk. But she meant go downstairs and clean my ears. I haven't even gone swimming yet, but these dangly ears I have trap moisture I guess any 'ol time.

Today I was nice to Joan because she came home sad. One of the older ladies she reads to passed away this week, and she just found out tonight. The woman was Joan's #1 fan and a delightful woman. Her name was Helen. Anyway, I can always tell when Joan is sad or upset, and I just am super nice to her. Sometimes I lick her if she's really upset because I don't like it. But usually, I just sit really nice in front of her to show her that I'm here for her, just like when she's here for me - like when she cleans my ears or gets sticks out of my mouth!