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Wood chips

This weekend, I was on a leash watching Joan move tons and tons of wood chips from the street into her garden. I got to lay down and relax while she was working really hard, though I have to say there are a lot more wood chips now for me to run through and the occasional large chip that I can chew on.

Unfortunately, Joan washed me tonight. And then she saw it - my inflammed golf ball size area near my leg. It wasn't there this morning and this is why she was so suprised and scared. What is it? I'm not worried about it, but she called the UM Vet Emergency to see if she needed to bring me in. They told her to do hot compresses on it every few hours until tomorrow when guess what - I have to go to the vet again. Eeks! I heard Joan on the phone with her mom say that I might need to wear a cone because they are going to lance this to drain it. That would be ghastly. Well, you'll be the first to find out ... stay tuned.

Oh, the other thing that happened was that Joan and I walked over to the new coffee shop this morning and she got some tea and croissant while I sat and waited for her. As she enjoyed her breakfast - almost everyone who walked by said I was very pretty etc. (I bet they wouldn't say that if I had a cone on!!) Then they'd ask if they could pet me - meanwhile - I heard this and saw them coming near me, so everytime I would back up and wedge myself under the chair -- some of them STILL tried to pet me! Does it seem like I want to be petted if I'm shoving my body under a chair?


That is so cute!