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The Couch

Last night Joan came home and she was not feeling well. She un-enthusiastically took me for a walk because she knows I need it, but I could tell she was not her usual self. When we returned home, she laid down on the couch and took a rest.
While her eyes were closed, I snuck up onto *my* couch, the old futon near the windows that no one ever sits on. She did not wake up when I got up on it - phew! But then a while later, she opened her eyes and saw that I was on the couch opposite her, curled up all cozy. I really did not want to move, so I just sat tight to see what she would do. She said, "Oh Bosco." Since she did not reprimand me, I just stayed on the couch. She didn't seem to care much. When she finally got up, she came over and even petted me while I was on the couch. I know she ordered new furniture for this area, so I guess she doesn't care if I go up on it!! However, to play it safe, for the rest of the evening while she was up and about, when I wanted to lie down, I just used my bed on the floor.


Reading your blog always reminds me of this cartoon so I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!