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My seroma

In case you are interested in what my seroma looked like after it appeared as a result of my collision with a tree branch, I found this picture that Joan took of me. If you can't tell, the seroma is on the top of my right leg/chest -- so on the left as you look at it.

I'm happy to report that is pretty much gone. I never really paid any attention to it - which is a good thing because Joan was threatening the "cone".



My 14 week old pup has two on her butt. Drained twice w syringe at a vet $50 per visit. Did you ever have that seroma drained or did you simply leave it be ?? and how long before it went away? Thanks, Miriam

I just thought I would post real fast. Bursas on elbows and hips should be left. They are a little different than a seroma, and are actually the bodys way of cushioning joints during growth. They do go away on thier own :)


My seroma developed because I ran into a tree and it is the result of soft tissue damage. The vet told Joan to put a hot compress on it several times a day, and I also took a pill that Joan called an antibiotic. The vet did not drain it -only took a little out to see what was inside. He said that if he drained it, it would probably come back. Joan did hot compresses for about 2 weeks and it was not really noticable after that.

My Seroma is huge on the inside left rear stifle of my leg which runs from the front to back of the upper inside of my leg. It has grown to twice the size in almost two weeks.

The first Vet told Colette to cold hose it twice a day, a series of antibiotics and Bute and hand walking only. I was allowed to turn out in my small run.

Now two weeks later, another Vet is continuing cold hosing, the antibiotics for only a 14 day total run, stopping the Bute for now & stall rest only.

I'm a 17 hand high thoroughbred. Boy will I get bored.

I'm wondering if Colette should do warm compresses, then cold hose?

Bristol, a 21 month old shepherd doberman mix, has developed a seroma on his elbow. The vet did a fluid analysis and cytopatholgy test to confirm it was not a tumor-good news, it wasn't.
Now vet is suggesting surgically placing a pen rose? drain and managing it that way for possibly 4 weeks. Not sure after reading the above comments that that is the only way. Any thoughts? Surgery scheduled for 10/13..answer fast!