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Goopy Eyes, Itchy Body --> Medicine!

I have been itching a lot lately. To combat this, I shake my head and my ears go flopping all over. I also lick my itchy areas, like between my toes and my butt. I also scratch my ears with my foot. And I rub my eyes on Joan or grass or with my leg. Joan has recently taken this head on and now we have our morning and evening rituals.

She gives me an antihistamine pill in the morning - she just throws it in my food and I eat it up with everything else. She also pulls my eyelids down and puts a dab of ointment into my eye and then closes my eye to get it to go on my eyeball. Then she pulls up my tail and sprays something on my butt! She also has to clean my ears every few days and she's brushing the heck out of me because I'm shedding a lot.

I am very patient with all of this (plus she gives me a treat afterwards), but it has really helped!!! I'm no longer licking my butt or my feet and my eyes are as goopy as before. She sure knows what she's doing!

Yesterday we went to dog park and I went crazy. I was fetching sticks out of the water like crazy. I loved it! However, the whole park was flooded in a way that made it only about half as big as usual because humans didn't want to cross the wet river area. Of course, I could have gone all the way down but no one would follow me. The rest of the day I sat in the backyard, watching for squirrels.


It is good