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I learned a new word today from Joan: parasite. She was petting me this morning and then the next thing I new, she had a metal device from the bathroom that she cleaned with alcohol and then she was parting my fur and yanking something out of me! Then the phone rang and I heard her talking to her friend, Becky, and said that she had just pulled out a tick - a parasite -from me. And she was grossed out!
She put the tick in a plastic bag, as she seems to "save" these things for future reference if needed if something happens. Then she called my vet and talked with them about the tick. She puts this wet stuff on my back every month that is supposed to make me not get ticks, so she was wondering how I got one. In any case, she then brushed me really good (I love that) and put more of that wet stuff on my back. She also tried to cut my toenails but I let her know that I was not happy with that today.
Later on today or tomorrow, I'll post more about the trip Joan and I took last week.