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An adventure

So, I promised to update you about last weekend, though there are already a lot of new things to tell about this weekend, but that will wait. So, a week ago, Joan started loading things into the car. I could tell that she was going somewhere so to ensure that I would go along with her, I camped out in the garage. As soon as she opened the door to the garage and started loading things into the car, I just sat down in the garage and waited and waited and waited. She took forever to get things together. Then yea, she put me into the car and we went to the dog park where I played fetch a bit and went to the bathroom. Then we were in the car for a long long time. I was kind of squirmy and barking every once in a while. Finally I barked, and Joan stopped and let me go to the bathroom, though she did not give me any water. That was about 3 hours into the drive. Then we got to a park and she parked on the side of the road. She went up to the check in to get the key to our cabin - I couldn't wait to go for a walk! She was up at the desk for a LONG time. Finally, she returned and took me for a walk. Still no water. She put me back in the car and went back up to the check-in. Waited, talked to a man, then he left again. Then she got me out of the car, still no water! Then he returned again, and Joan was really upset. It seems they "lost" her reservation for the cabin that she had reserved a year ago and already paid for too! And then they gave it to someone else. We had no where to go and were 4 hours or so from home! Finally, they gave us this cabin that someone else usually lives in. They were cleaning it up and Joan and I were going for a walk. By this time, it was 6:30 and we got here at 4:20! Joan fed me and then realized that MAYBE I'd like some water. So I drank about 1 1/2 bowls of water. I was SOOOO thirsty. Joan felt bad when she realized she had forgotten to give me water. Anyway, the weekend did not really start the way Joan was hoping. However, it got better after that.

The next day it was raining, so we stayed in the porch until it stopped around noon. We were going to move to the cabin that we were supposed to have been in. But first, we went for a long walk. This is what Joan saw when we walked the entire weekend:


There were so many new smells and tastes and textures, I had to be in front and go fast. I pulled a lot despite having the gentle leader on my nose. I hate that thing. On our 4 hour walk, we saw only 1 group of 4 people and then one other guy who was camping at a backcountry camp. It is funny how no one is out where all the good smells are!

Then we returned and got into the cabin that we should have been in in the first place. Here's a picture of me relaxing.


There was a little girl and the cabin next to ours that came over. I barked at her. What does she think coming over to my territory. She even tried to bark like me but I could tell it was fake - she is a person, not a dog. Joan would not let me in this nice cabin despite me trying. I had a long leash though so I could wander a bit and then I slept in the crate that Joan brought. I had slept in it the two nights before and it was okay, but this time Joan shut the door on it and I was outside! I was a little scared but okay. Joan kept the door to the cabin open and I could see her sleeping, so that was better.

The next day we went on a morning walk before most people were awake. Then Joan had breakfast and then we packed up and then went on another walk! Fantastic. Again, we only saw a group of about 8 boys who had been camping out at a camp in the backcountry. We also saw a squished turtle. Poor turtle.

After that hike, we went to the main lodge and Joan ate her lunch on a bench and I just sat nearby her. Then we got in the car and drove home, and I slept most of the way! However, it started raining and rained a lot, so sometimes I would get up to see how Joan was doing driving in the rain.

As we almost were home, Joan got a call from her sister who said that their mom was in town, at the airport! Crazy! But sure enough, that night I got to see Eileen and their mom! I was so tired, though, that I said hi but I really needed to nap, so I zonked out when they started eating their dinner.