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Thunder and Rain

Yesterday morning, it was raining and dark. I was still downstairs on my bed when a huge clap of thunder happened. I HATE thunder. My ears go down and my tail goes between my legs and I search for Joan. Luckily I knew where she was - up in her bed. So I ran upstairs and she was expecting me! She let me go up on her bed - yeahhhh! It is so comfy and I like cuddling with her. She was okay with it since I did not lick her but just kind of curled up and snoozed. It was raining and raining and raining. Then we got up and it is a little scary jumping off her tall bed but I did it anyway because I knew we'd go outside.

She put on all this crunchy-sounding clothes and she opened the door and I saw - it was pouring rain. But I don't care about that so much if a walk is involved. So we went on a walk around 2 blocks. When we got back, Joan went into the garage and got a shovel and then we walked back to the front of the house. I thought, great, another walk. Though I was a bit wary of the the shovel so I did not pull or anything. We walked to the corner and then Joan started shoveling leaves out from the street. At that point, I saw that half of the street was like a shallow pool (fun for me to jump in!) but not so fun when a car drives by really fast. As soon as Joan moved the leaves, the water started going really fast into one of those grated holes that I avoid when walking around. At this point, we are both really wet! Joan's crunchy pants were not really crunchy anymore and my fur was wet but I just shake it off.

We went back inside and Joan had to dry me off like when we go to the dog park. Later in the day we went for a long walk around the river and we did not even get rained on! Last night though - more rain again! Not really any thunder though so Joan did not let me sleep with her on the bed.