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Black eye

Joan saw today that I kind of have what she calls a 'black eye' though you can't really see it that much since I have brown fur all over my body. She was petting me and first, noticed I had this black thing under my eye. She went and got a wet washcloth and started rubbing my eye to get it off. Then she realized it was dried blood -- then she saw that my eye lid bottom and surrounding area is very bruised. After washing it, she put some oily lotion stuff on it.

What she doesn't know is how I did this to myself. Though, I know. She and I have been running around the woods near her house - actually I'm running, she is walking. So I run like a wildwoman through the woods - and I probably hit a branch (like when I got my seroma ... but not that bad!!). The woods are beautiful right now with leaves all over the place. There are always people down there, too, but not too many. On Saturday we saw my kin- a brown lab that was 12 years old! She was cool. We also saw some tall poodles - they were stand-offish. Yesterday we a couple other dogs but I didn't attend to them very long because I wanted to run!

Last night my pad also was bugging me - I was licking it a lot and it was red in between my toes. She filled a bowl up with warm soapy water and then expected me to step into it. I was not super cooperative but she finally got my foot in there, and it actually didn't feel half bad. We stood there for a while and then she took my paw out and dried it off, but it smelled funny so I licked it a little and then did not need to anymore. It was nice to get what was bugging me off of my foot.

It's beautiful weather - I want Joan to come home so I can sit outside in the back overseeing my territory and soaking up the sun.



Hi, I was searching online about dogs with black eyes and came across your blog. You see, my 3 month old puppy seems to have aquired a black eye in the time I was at school and I have no idea what to do. Any advice would help. Thanks.