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Eye Scab & Dead Cat

Last night Joan put goopy stuff on me. She was petting me at the time, and I couldn't exactly figure out where she put it, but I could smell it. I was licking myself to try to figure out where it was. Finally, I found it - she put it under my eye. Well, I don't like it, so I very delicately (since my eye hurts a little bit) licked the fur on my leg and then passed my leg by my eye, catching a little bit of the goop. Then I'd lick my leg again and pass it by my eye again. Joan saw what I was doing, so then she rubbed off some of the goop so I did not ingest too much of it. I guess she learned that I don't like smelly goop on my body. AND that pretty much no matter where you put something on me, I'll find a way to rub or lick it off.

This morning, we went for a walk and near the garbage can on W. River Road, I smelled something in a plastic bag sitting next to the garbage can while Joan was throwing away my bathroom business. Joan looked and said, "What is that?" She didn't even want to look because it had fur on it. I saw it though, it was a dead cat. I'm not sure why it was in a plastic bag nor why it was next to the garbage can. I sniffed it a bit until Joan made me leave. If I die, I hope Joan doesn't leave me by the garbage can in a plastic bag (I know she wouldn't!!). On our walk some lady told me I was pretty. I always love that!!