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Another level of our relationship

I have risen to another level in my relationship with Joan. I'll give you a clue:


Yes, Joan has been letting me up on the couch with her when she watches TV or reads students' papers or whatever! I don't know exactly what happened that changed her mind to be so open to me on the couch. Perhaps it is the rising heating costs that she's talked about -- you know, I'm quite the heat generator -- or maybe she just wants a dog to cozy up with!! For whatever reason, I'm pretty happy about it. However, I wish she'd spend more time on the couch so I can sit there with her. Too much of her time is in the kitchen or in her office on the computer - and I don't have cozy couches in those rooms. Now, let me say that this new treat seems to not be available at all times. Though she doesn't say anything, I get the sense that Joan doesn't want me up there when she is not up there, too. That seems weird to me. So if she's home, I'm careful about waiting until I'm invited up there. But as soon as Joan leaves, I get right up on the couch!

However, the other night Joan was in another room, and she came into the living room to find:


woops! I was up on the couch cozy and warm, and she found me. She did not do anything but come over and give me hug. Cool!

So that's that.

Yesterday, Joan and I went to the park where I run around like a maniac. We met another dog with my same name, Bosco. That dog was a brown and white Australian shepherd. I like that type of dog - they don't scare me at all. In any case, that Bosco's owner had treats in his pocket and I could smell them. I kept putting my nose on his pocket and licked his hand. Then, Joan said, 'do you have treats?" She told him how I can smell a treat a mile away - especially in pockets since Tim, my favorite neighbor, feeds me treats out of his pocket. So I've learned that the pocket area of human's clothes are great places to sniff to see if any food is in there. Bosco's owner and Joan talked about how they both don't like the Lake of the Isles dog park as it is has a "dog packs" mentality. I really did not like that park when we went there. I was scared out of my mind, so Joan and I don't ever go there anymore.

Recently, I've seen and smelled a few more dead squirrels. The most recent was a freshly dead (blood was oozing out of him and I could really smell this one) squirrel on the street. I pulled and pulled to go and investigate more closely, but Joan would not let me go into the street. I guess she knows what she is doing but I really wanted to smell that squirrel.


Sofas are for dogs!

Thanks Buttercup, for the support. I'm glad Joan has finally come around to understanding that. I need all the support I can get.