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Dead fish...is it worth it?

This morning Joan took me to the dog park where I can run around at my speed. Some woman complimented me, saying she liked my markings! Another woman thought I was a puppy. Ha ha. She was surprised to find out I was almost 5 years old. I am a puppy at heart, though.

I have to tell you something though. I found a dead fish that some dog must have dragged up into the forest from the Mississippi River. Joan was not nearby so I started rolling on it. What fun! Then Joan saw me and yelled at me to stop and go over to her. So I did. And she thought all was fine until we got back to the car and got in. After about 10 seconds, she told me that I stank. That's not very nice. She said I smelled like fish.

Then we got home and I knew something was up when I saw her get some towels and put them in the bathroom and then shampoo then my choke chain on me. I started to hide out. But Joan picked me up and took me into the bathroom. I knew it! She was going to give me a bath. I hate that. I got in the tub myself and I did not escape - I just let her wash me. FOREVER. She washed my neck twice where the fish smell was. And she still doesn't think it is gone but I think she was tired of being in the bathtub with me.

Was it worth it? Rolling on the fish for 5 seconds .... and a bath that takes 30 minutes plus drying off in the house when I'd rather be outside (except it's 30 degrees out - windchill- so Joan won't let me out because it is too cold for a wet dog). I'm really not sure.